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Welcome to Cofmow Society

We at Cofmow Society continuously strive to make our society a better place to live in. This website is another step towards that goal. We have carefully crafted, designed and placed the various pages on this site so that you find the relevant details easily. Please go through it and explore this website.

Cofmow Society, a stylish offering which has already become a talk of the town with it's stunning features and customer centric comforts.

Facility Management

  • Track of all staff provided with Co.: The details of all staff and their vendor company in case hired from a third party company
  • Track of space availability for functions: Facility management in terms of knowing availability of spaces like halls, gyms, recreational facilities etc

Parking Management

  • Vehicles owned by each flat resident: Database of all vehicles that are owned by the residents is available in on need to know basis
  • Keep detailing for all Visitor vehicles: Any visitor to the complex also require mentioning details of vehicles they have travelled with

Notice Board

  • Notices can be uploaded on the common space: Any common information to be distributed between the Society complex cab be flashed to all
  • Can be for Events, Functions, Common issues, etc: the information can be shared for any common thing like Puja celebration, opening of new facilities, etc


  • Get push messages displayed on app: The notifications can be generated when there are any visitors on the gate, maid entry, staff, etc
  • Generation of Maintenance Bills, event notifications etc: These notifications will also flash whenever any bills are generated for that flat

Vendor Management

  • Keep record for each vendor: There are no. of vendors who provide various services to the society & its residents, so all vendor details can be maintained
  • Maintain the type of business they are into: The system gives an idea on the services provided by each vendor and their rates for the same, so you can compare and chose the best one
  • Details of contact person for them: Once decided, contact details can be directly extracted from the app thus reducing time for contacting at the gate and getting details, etc
  • Documents related to that vendor: The security is the foremost and for that the vendors should be trusted one. The vendor documents can be verified and kept for reference whenever required
  • Upload photo for products offered by them: The photos of their product offerings can also be attached with their profile for more clear decision making


  • Voucher Entry: Maintain each voucher entry for all tasks being done related to incoming or outgoing of funds
  • Maintain Ledger & Sub Ledger: For exact calculations and estimates all ledgers and sub ledgers can be kept up to date
  • Generate all bills: Any bill be it for external vendors or internal residents can be generated at just a click and all entries can be maintained automatically
  • Balance sheet preparation: All accounts need to be closed with matching balance sheet, and as the entries are timely maintained for input/output, it is easy to create a perfect balance sheet
  • All payments/receipts can be mapped: the payments received against bills, etc can be mapped with the entries to match the accounts as per the funds being transferred


  • Item master database management: Manage the details on no. of items required in day to day activities within the society like chairs, utensils in the facilities available, etc.
  • Keep track on all items available in stock: the items count helps to know the availability n one can replenish it as they are to finish
  • Updation on inventory allotted to the staff: Entry can be done on allotting any inventory which helps to know where it is being used for
  • Get inventory ordered as and when required: Whenever there will be less stock than desired, you can re-order the inventory so that there is always a stock available
  • Maintain stock ledger: The ledger helps in knowing monthly expense required to maintain that level of inventory thus help in financial planning also